Protests planned for Peter Casey’s visit to Thurles

Peter Casey is facing protests later when he visits a number of houses in Tipperary at the centre of a dispute between a Traveller family and the County Council.

The properties at Cabra Bridges in Thurles have been refused by members of the Traveller community.

Presidential candidate Peter Casey has been strongly criticised for describing Travellers as people camping on somebody else’s land and for saying they aren’t an ethnic group.

He was also critical of Traveller Families in Tipperary for their refusal to take up houses built for them at Cabra Bridge near Thurles because there is no land or stables for their horses.

Catherine Joyce is a member Of The Irish Traveller Movement.

Meanwhile the Justice Minister says he fundamentally disagrees with Peter Casey’s comments about Travellers.

The Presidential candidate has defended his view that the travelling community are not an ethnic group.

Charlie Flanagan says he doesn’t support Peter Casey’s view.