Morris: 2 year LPT agreement not an election issue

Stock image. Photo: Pixabay

Fixing the Local Property Tax in Tipperary for the next two years was not done to avoid controversy ahead of the next local elections according to a Nenagh Councillor.

The majority of elected representatives backed the decision to maintain the existing 10% increase in the tax until September 2024. Up to now the increase had only been agreed for a year at a time.

With local elections due in 2024 some people had suggested that members of the council did not want the controversial property tax being brought up on the doorstep when they are canvassing.

However speaking on Tipp Today Independent Seamie Morris said this was definitely not the case.

“This wasn’t some sort of a plan that we’ll come up with this now and lock it in. There’s less and less people voting against this every year – I mean we’re down to ten people voting against it now and some of the parties are split on it.

“Believe you me its not an election issue. You know people will see that their property tax bills will actually go down this year not up. It’s nothing to do with Tipperary County Council – it’s because of the fact that the government recalibrated it. Most of the property tax value on houses in Tipperary has gone down.”