Lowry says he had nothing to do with Cahill not being at Cabinet table

Photo © Tipp FM

Deputy Michael Lowry has rejected suggestions that his standing in the Tipperary constituency had anything to do with Jackie Cahill missing out on a ministerial position.

Deputy Cahill – a former president of the ICMSA – had hoped to take the Agriculture portfolio but was overlooked in favour of Barry Cowen.

Deputy Cowen’s subsequent sacking had raised hopes again but Jackie Cahill was again overlooked by Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Michael Lowry was asked to comment on Tipp Today earlier about social media speculation for Jackie Cahill’s omission was because Michael Lowry is seen as being ‘the man’ in the area.

“I mean that’s a load of rubbish and a load of nonsense – you get people who think they understand politics but actually don’t know how it works.”

“When a Taoiseach is looking at selecting Ministers the first thing they are going to do is look at ability, they’re going to look at experience, they’re going to look at geography, location, they’re going to look at how the party fared in the constituency that’s looking to have a minister.”

“The bottom line is that ambition has to be matched with ability.”