Local councillor compared to Julie Andrews at Clonmel Borough District meeting

Photo from Google Maps

There was a heated debate at this month’s meeting of Clonmel Borough District over progress on plans for the town.

Councillors were briefed on the Town Centre First Plan for the area ahead of a funding submission, which saw two members come to blows over the current state of the town.

“I’m tired of listening to Julie Andrews” – those were the words of Fine Gael’s John Fitzgerald to Councillor Siobhan Ambrose of Fianna Fail when they were arguing over the developments seen locally in recent times.

A presentation was given to the Clonmel Borough District earlier this week to show plans for the town centre including updated connectivity, an improved welcoming aesthetic, and the promotion of ‘hidden gems’, ahead of the next round of funding.

However, Councillor Fitzgerald criticised the time it was taking for these plans to be brought forward.

He said these ideas had been presented to the council ‘time and time again’ and if people ask him when these plans will happen, he doesn’t know what to tell them.

Councillor Ambrose took issue with this saying he could “give them {her} number”, as she highlighted some positive things happening locally from the planned expansion of Penneys to the opening of new businesses.

While Cllr Fitzgerald agreed there was progress he emphasised the plans were overdue and that the people of Clonmel couldn’t ignore the problems.

The interaction ended with him accusing Cllr. Ambrose of using his concerns as ‘political point scoring’, with other members also in agreement that the movement on these developments in Clonmel was too slow.