Council must show respect on graveyard issue – Carey

Photo © Tipp FM

Plans to ban cars from entering Clonmel’s main cemetery took a step forward yesterday with the arrival of Council crews at the site.

A meeting was due to take place tomorrow between council officials and those protesting the move.

Those against the plans were hoping tomorrow’s meeting could bring about a compromise, however, they’re now claiming that the Council was attempting to go behind their backs.

Protestors relocated from the Council office to the cemetery yesterday afternoon, and Sinn Fein Councillor Catherine Carey was one of those in attendance.

She says grieving families need to be shown more respect by council officials.

Meanwhile Council officials have been accused of riding roughshod over the people of Clonmel and elected representatives.

Deputy Mattie McGrath says their claim that the decision to restrict access to cars to St Patrick’s cemetery is on health & safety grounds doesn’t hold water.