Cahill: Fianna Fáil opinion poll results are worrying

Taoiseach Micheál Martin Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary’s Jackie Cahill wouldn’t be drawn on whether or not he was unhappy with the party, but admitted his disappointment with the 2020 election campaign and the disconnect between the party and public.

He told Tipp Today that he feels that Micheál Martin has done a good job as Taoiseach and complimented his satisfaction rating in comparison to other party leaders.

However, he said there is work to do as a party ahead of the next election to ensure their plans resonate with people :

“When we go to people that they say yes this is the party I want to vote for, this is the party that has planned for my future.”

“Where we are in the polls is worrying but we saw in the last general election that Sinn Féin went into the general election very significantly behind the other parties in the polls and the election campaign brought them up.”

The Tipperary TD says that while he is in Government he must look after his constituents first.

“My constituency are extremely worried about the initial target that has been set for the Agri Food sector and that’s my job to represent that. That’s my job in government. I have spoken to the Taoiseach continuously on this and the Minister for Agriculture on it.”

” There needs to be grant incentives in place on that.”