Browne: People need to sit down and discuss the future of the North

Photo © Tipp FM

Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne says there’s “no appetite in the North” to return to the violence of the Troubles.

The Tipperary TD insists that the time remains right to discuss the potential for a ‘United Ireland’, despite this week’s upheaval in the DUP which has led to the resignation of Arlene Foster.

There were riots in some Unionist areas earlier this month, linked with anger over the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Bobby Storey funeral.

Deputy Browne isn’t concerned about future violence however, saying that people from all sides need to sit down and discuss the future of the North.

“There is no appetite in the North of Ireland to go back to where we were. A whole generation has grown up in peace.”

“I’ll admit on both sides there are pockets of real hardliners and all that. But the vast majority of the public in the North of Ireland are having these discussions and exactly the same as I’m saying to you – they don’t know how Martin Browne or Sinn Féin thinks until they sit down across the table from us.”