Browne defends comments by party colleague in IRA attacks

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary Sinn Féin TD Martin Browne says the party should stop apologising for their core belief.

The comments from the Cashel Deputy follow the controversy surrounding a tweet from party colleague Brian Stanley celebrating two historical IRA attacks on the British army.

The Laois – Offaly TD has since apologised for the tweet.

Martin Browne was asked on Tipp Today earlier what his stance was on the issue.

“Apologies – in my own personal view – they should stop.”

“It’s history and people need to learn their history. We have been occupied for 800 years in this country. Thing’s happened on both sides – let’s not try and paint any one side any worse than the other.”

“We had an occupied country – a foreign force there. It doesn’t matter if it was in the ‘20s, 50’s, 70’s or 80’s it was the same aim – to free our country from an occupying force.”