Browne critical of some constituency colleagues on eviction ban vote

Photo © Tipp FM

Two Tipperary TDs have been criticised for backing the Government in the Dáil vote on the eviction ban.

Fianna Fáil’s Jackie Cahill and Regional Independent Group member Michael Lowry were among the 83 TDs to vote in favour of ending the ban at the end of this month.

According to Sinn Fein 117 notices to quit will now fall due across Tipperary from the beginning of April.

Deputy Martin Browne now wants both TDs to explain to the people of the Premier County how they intend to ensure that those effected will have somewhere to go.

“We are only days away from people being thrown out of their houses – some of them. The Regional Group wouldn’t have even had the chance with these eight proposals only for some of the backbenchers of the Government decided that they weren’t going voting with the Government.

“Suddenly the Regional Group on their white horse ride in and save the day. It’s a complete joke – they are responsible for people going to be going to Garda stations to try and stay safe, going into emergency accommodation which Tipperary County Council do not have.”

Meanwhile Martin Browne has accused a constituency colleague talking a lot but saying nothing.

Mattie McGrath and the Rural Independents did not back the government in yesterday’s Dáil vote on the eviction ban.

However the Newcastle TD was also critical of Sinn Féin accusing them of political opportunism with its motion calling for the ban to continue.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Martin Browne was paying very little heed to the Newcastle Deputy.

“….that’s Mattie…Mattie does up in the Dáil like he does on your show and every other show…he goes on his rant and he names ten different areas and at the end of an interview there’s very little substance in it.”