Ahearn rubbishes talk of leaving EU over vaccine rollout

Photo courtesy of Garret Ahearn

Tipp-based Senator Garret Ahearn admits there has been failings with the EU’s vaccine rollout, but describes talk of leaving the Union as “ridiculous”.

The Fine Gael rep has been responding to comments by Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath in the Dáil last week who questioned Ireland’s membership due to the slow procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

Latest figures reveal that almost 23 percent of people in the UK have received at least one vaccine dose, compared to just under five percent across the EU.

Senator Ahearn was asked for his take on the rollout on Tipp Today earlier.

“I think there’s failings on the EU’s part here and no one is getting away from that. The point I was making on it was that to leave the EU on the basis of that is just ridiculous.”

“But there is failings within the EU and they’re recognised. The rollout of the vaccine has been extremely slow compared to the UK.”

“We get the same percentage dose of vaccines as every other European country and we’re on top in terms of the rollout within the EU countries of the vaccines we have.”