Ahearn expects general election before the years end

Photo courtesy of Garret Ahearn

Tipperary Senator Garret Ahearn says the Government might try to capitalise on the strong results for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

The Fine Gael representative admits his party haven’t always timed elections well in the past.

However he says the coalition leaders may call a General Election before the year is out.

“Fine Gael have had decisions to make over the years in terms of when to call an election and we’ve never seemed to get it right. I suppose the last time we left it go too long – that would be what the experts would say. I suppose what I would say is we have a budget coming forward – it’s a really important budget for the country and for people – but I think certainly from a government perspective and from my own perspective I think its very clear that we’ll have an election quite soon.”

Garret Ahearn says the next few days will tell a lot on whether or not we will have a general election before the end of the year.

With the counting of votes in the EU elections we could see a number of TDs elected to the European Parliament.

Senator Garret Ahearn says the possibility of facing into a number of by-elections could swing things toward a national poll.

“We have to see how the next few days play out. What’s actually going to be very important is the European elections to see how many TDs are going to get elected to be MEPs. My own view is if we have four or five by-elections across and that’s happening within two or three months of a general election, even from an economic perspective spending money on by-elections and the resources put into it, it would seem to me logical that we would have a general election before that would happen.”