Phase 1 of easing coronavirus restrictions comes into effect today

Photo from Pixabay

Phase 1 of the easing of coronavirus restrictions in Ireland officially comes into effect from today.

As of this morning, people around Tipperary and elsewhere have regained a certain number of freedoms.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced in his speech on Friday that under Phase 1 we are still being advised to stay home, however we can do the following things:

We can use outdoor public amenities and tourist sites such as carparks, beaches and mountain walks; use outdoor public sports amenities like playing pitches, tennis courts and golf courses; take part in outdoor sports and fitness activities in groups of no more than four within 5km of our homes and without physical contact; and schools and college buildings may reopen for teachers and lecturers to facilitate remote learning.

We can now meet family and friends who live within 5km of us as long as it’s outside and safe social distancing is maintained.

Construction workers, gardeners and other outdoor workers can now return to work.

A list of retailers that can now reopen was also given on Friday and they include: hardware stores and those providing essential supplies for gardening, farming and agriculture; garden centres and farmers markets; opticians and hearing test providers; garages and car dealers; office products and services like electrical and IT; and repair and maintenance services for homes – but this doesn’t include homeware stores.

We’re still being urged to stay at home where possible and to adhere to COVID-19 hygiene guidelines.