People urged to test smoke alarms this National Fire Safety Week

Stock photo. Image © AlexRaths via Canva.

Irish people are good for getting smoke alarms, but less inclined to test them, according to Tipperary’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer.

Carol Kennedy from Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging people to test their smoke alarms every week at home, and to replace the battery once per year.

The appeal comes on National Fire Safety Week, which runs until next Monday.

Carol Kennedy says the number of callouts has been increasing as restrictions have eased.

“With Covid, we saw a dramatic decline in the number of people on the road. As a result we saw a lot fewer road traffic accidents. Unfortunately we’re seeing that trend begin to rise again.

“And coming into the winter, we’re seeing more house fires and chimney fires, people forgetting to actually clean their chimney. So we’d suggest you clean your chimney twice per year, once at the start of the burning season, so now. And then again at the end of your burning season.”