Patrick Quirke Appeal Verdict to be Heard Today

Patrick Quirke will find out later this morning if his conviction for the murder of Bobby ‘Mr Moonlight’ Ryan is going to be overturned.

In a lengthy appeal heard last year, lawyers for the farmer from Breanshamore, Co Tipperary, claimed he didn’t receive a fair trial.


Bobby Ryan went missing in June 2011 after spending the night with his partner, Mary Lowry.

Patrick Quirke, who had an affair with Ms Lowry, was the one who found his body in an underground tank on her farm two years later.

The so-called Mr Moonlight trial that followed ended during the summer of 2019 with him being convicted of murdering the local DJ.

Before the Court of Appeal last year, his lawyers put forward over 50 reasons as to why they believe he didn’t get a fair trial.

They criticised the murder investigation, accused certain witnesses of prejudicing the jury and claimed speculation was allowed to enter the case.

After a long wait, the judges will deliver what’s expected to be a lengthy judgement later this morning.