Opponents question why Shannon Pipeline is still being considered

Irish Water maintain that the Shannon Pipeline will still go ahead, despite accusations that the project is dead in the water.

The controversial project would see a pipeline built between Parteen Basin in Tipperary and Dublin, to boost water supplies in the Capital.

In response to a query from a Tipperary Independent Councillor, Irish Water has stated that the ‘Shannon Water Pipeline’ remains an “in-flight project” and that work on a planning application is progressing.

They maintain that the project will go ahead and that at present, environmental surveys are being undertaken.

The divisive project which was first mooted in 2011, would see a pipeline built between Parteen Basin in Tipperary and Dublin, to boost water supplies in the Capital and communities along the route.

Having initially been costed at €700 million, the estimated cost of the project now stands at €1.3 billion.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Cllr Seamie Morris says there is no sign that this project will truly go ahead.

“Already we have 50 farmers that have refused access to Irish Water and there has been no Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) done.”

“They were supposed to have an application in to An Bord Pleanala five years ago – they still haven’t done it. And yet they’re spending a quarter of a billion Euro on surveys on land.”

“The reality is when this does for funding the government is going to say we’re not funding it because the budget has gone from €700 million to nearly €2 billion already and there hasn’t been a CPO or a pipe or planning put in place.”

Irish Water has also stated that a further round of public consultation will take place next year before a planning application is submitted to An Bord Pleanála.

But Liam Minehan from the Fight the Pipe group says there are no controls over what is being spent.

“There is an agenda to drive this pipe forward – they have €250 million to spend on this. There’s no controls on it. This will stay alive as long as they keep getting a budget.”

“There is absolutely no logic – why did it not go for planning five years ago? Why is it being kicked down the road? It’s because I’d say Irish Water at this stage know that no politician can stand over this.”