Opinion poll shows Government would not be re-elected

The RED C survey in today's Sunday Business Post sees Fine Gael unchanged on 24 per cent. 

However the Labour Party has dropped 2 points in popularity to 7 per cent. 

There's also bad news for Fianna Fáil – who have fallen a point to 18. 

While Sinn Fein is up 1 to 21 and Independents and other rose 2 points to 30 per cent.

Political Editor of the Sunday Business Post Pat Leahy says these support levels would not see the Government re-elected.

He said: “Were these numbers to be re- produced in a General Election there's no question of Fine Gael and Labour being re-elected as a coalition government. There miles away from that at the moment.

“You would see a massacre of Labour seats and a huge culling of Fine Gael seats.”