Ophelia – Shannon Airport Update

Photo © Pat Flynn

Shannon Airport will remain open today, Monday 16th October. The safety of our passengers and staff is our first priority. We would ask passengers to contact their airline with regard to updates on schedule changes today.

The following flights landed safely at Shannon this morning:
•Aer Lingus New York EI110 landed at 05:27am
•Aer Lingus Boston EI134 landed at 05:33am
•Norwegian Air Providence landed at 06:55am
The following flights departed from Shannon this morning:
•Ryanair Manchester FR4777 departed at 07:14am
•Ryanair London Stansted FR102 departed at 07:19am
•Aer Lingus London Heathrow EI380 departed at 07:41am
However, at this point we are aware of the following flight cancellations:
•Aer Lingus Regional Edinburgh EI3675 inbound service due at 10:35am
•Aer Lingus Regional Edinburgh EI3672 outbound service due to depart 11:05am
•Aer Lingus Regional Birmingham EI 3639 inbound at 6:35pm
•Aer Lingus Regional Birmingham EI3638 outbound at 7:00pm
•Aer Lingus London/Heathrow EI381 inbound at 11:15am
•Aer Lingus London/Heathrow EI384 outbound at 12:30pm
•Ryanair Wroclaw FR1172 departing at 10:50am and returning at 5:00 pm as FR1173
•Ryanair Faro FR2303 departing at 10:20am, and returning at 4:20PM as FR2304
•Ryanair Lanzarote FR1345 at 11:30am and returning as FR1344 at 12.00 noon.
•United Airlines flights UA25 inbound from Newark at 7.00am and UA24 departing at 9.05am
•Delta Airlines New York JFK DL406 inbound flight diverted to Dublin.
•Delta Airlines New York JFK DL206 outbound due to depart Shannon at 11.50am cancelled until tomorrow morning.

Airlines will continue to advise passengers of schedule changes and we strongly advise intending passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline before travelling to the airport. We will continue monitoring the situation throughout the day. Live flight information is available on www.shannonairport.ie or on the Shannon Airport App. We will continue to post updates today on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) as we become aware. But, again, we would encourage passengers to contact their airline.”