Old Bridge glass panels set to be replaced

Damage to the glass panels on the Old Bridge, Clonmel. Photo © Tipp FM.

The panels on the glass bridge in Clonmel are hoped to be replaced by the end of the year.

The feature at Old Bridge, has been the subject of vandalism since just days after it was first installed, with the most recent bout in July of this year.

At a recent Clonmel Borough Council meeting, Councillor Pat English called for the damaged panels to be replaced.

He told Tipp FM that the bridge has been damaged many times in the past, but it is a beautiful feature in the town.

“A very artistic glass bridge, with a lot of interesting statements by local people and verses of poetry.

“It has been vandalised continuously over the last number of years, so I put in a notice of motion that the glass be replaced, with a more durable glass and vandal proof panels.

“I got a positive response to that and they’re looking for quotations for a more robust material to replace all the damaged panels and hope to have the panels in place by the end of the year.”

Cllr English added that there was no mention of a budget or projected cost, but that he hopes the council will also look into CCTV being installed and monitored to prevent further vandalism.