Nicholas Ryan Purcell publishes memoir

Nicholas Ryan-Purcell and New York resident / Shronell native, Norbert Hennessey, celebrating the launch of his book 'Anything is Possible'. Photo: Nicholas Ryan-Purcell.

Award-winning film maker Nicholas Ryan Purcell says that writing a book about living with Autism was a “therapeutic process”.

The Nenagh man, who also grew up in Emly and Cloughjordan, has released his memoir, Anything is Possible, just in time for Christmas.

This is his first book, and he rose to prominence in recent years for his documentaries about living with autism and another one about underdog horse Gordon Lord Byron.

Nicholas says the book helped him to address periods of his past.

“I was reliving experiences that I had gone through in my youth.

“By revisiting these experiences all of my emotions came back to the surface so rewriting my memories from the past was like putting a shovel into the ground and digging up dirt and clearing it away.”