Nenagh not included in this years IBAL litter league

Government cutbacks have been blamed for Nenagh’s omission from this year’s IBAL Anti Litter league.

This leaves Clonmel and Tipperary town as the only representatives of the Premier County among 42 towns and cities.

Last year Clonmel was judged as Clean to European Norms while Tipperary town was judged to be Littered.

Nenagh had shown a marked improvement as it too was declared Clean to European Norms in 2011.

Irish Business Against Litter Chairman Tom Cavanagh was critical of the Government’s decision to cut back on its funding of the litter league which will see 11 fewer areas surveyed this year.

He says the move is a false economy describing the cutbacks as a licence for some local authorities to sit back this year, now that no one will be monitoring them.