North Tipp councillor highlights dangers of obstructions on roadsides

Councillor Joe Hannigan

A north Tipp councillor is calling for people to stop putting dangerous obstructions, such as large rocks, on the roadside outside their houses.

At a recent meeting of the Nenagh Municipal District, Independent Councillor Joe Hannigan urged people to consider a safer alternative with reflective strips.

He told Tipp FM that he has experience of someone being killed by hitting one of these obstructions outside a house, a number of years ago.

Cllr Hannigan said that he understands people do it to protect their property, but there are safer options.

“It’s identifying the possible dangers from the practice of property owners placing rocks or blocks on the roadside margins that form part of their property.

“I’m suggesting we as a municipal district should encourage the use of reflective white posts as an alternative.”

He added that many years ago, he knew someone who was killed after they hit one of these obstructions outside a house and that many people are not aware of the potential dangers, as the objects can be very hard to see, particularly in the dark.