Morris: Nenagh should honour Fr Alec Reid

Photo: Cllr Séamie Morris

There are renewed calls for a mural in Nenagh to remember the significant role played by Fr Alec Reid in the Northern Ireland peace process.

He was born in Dublin but raised in the North Tipp town from the age of six following the death of his father.

Local Councillor Séamie Morris says as we remember those that brought about peace in Ireland 25 years ago it would be fitting for the man known as “the Sagart to the peace process” be honoured in his home town.

“Fr Alec Reid as we know had a very, very strong part in the peace process. In fact there’s been two television programmes – one on the BBC and one on RTE over the last number of nights – about his central role in the peace process and I think it’s time to honour him.

“Something I’ve been working on over the last number of years is to get some murals in the town of Nenagh. We’re beginning to see some of them sprout up. I’ve asked for ideas for murals and I’m just reiterating my call now for Fr Alec Reid to be honoured in his home town with a mural.”

“It would be nice if we could have it on the Dublin Road because that’s where he spent his initial years.

“We have locations in the centre of town as well but we’re trying to keep them in certain locations where people are from or where events have happened so that’s the type of thing we’ve been doing in Nenagh up to now.”