Russian troops enter Kyiv

Photo from Pixabay

It’s understood Russian troops have now reached the streets of Kyiv as civilians are warned to stay at home.

Missile strikes have continued since the early hours of this morning and gunfire can be heard in the governmental district.

The country’s president says almost 140 people – both soldiers and civilians – were killed in yesterday’s attacks.

While Volodymyr Zelenskyy has banned all men aged 18 to 60 from leaving the country.

In a televised press conference Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, criticised western governments for lying about Ukraine.

He insisted Russian forces aren’t trying to occupy the country, just trying to ensure the government there is ‘independent.’

A Ukrainian woman living in Cashel says that Ukrainians are united in the face of the invasion.

Yuliya Shilnikova who has lived in the area since 2015 still has family in Ukraine including a sister with a new born whose husband has been called to fight.

She says that while they are fearful it has brought the community together with many leaving Ireland to go home and fight.

“These big enemies. They get their own people together – unite all Ukrainians.

“You can even see people gathering in Dublin and they’re going together and in Cork as well.

“Yesterday they were beside the Russian embassy to get their attention to show that every Ukrainian supports Ukraine.

“And some Ukrainians now from here I know that heading to Ukraine to fight.”

The Minister for Justice has announced the immediate lifting of visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland.

Helen McEntee says this will streamline and support the swift exit of both the Ukrainian family members of Irish citizens, and the family members of people from Ukraine who are resident in Ireland.

It will apply as an emergency measure to all Ukrainians travelling to Ireland.