Putting Nenagh Military Barracks on dereliction list is a ‘last resort’

Photo © Tipp FM

Putting the Nenagh Military Barracks on the dereliction list is a last resort.

That’s according to Marion O’Neill from the environment section of Tipperary County Council, who says that they continue to engage in talks with the Department on the barracks and how to move forward with it.

However councillor Seamie Morris says both the council and the Department are dragging their heels on it and he wants to see a decision made.

He was told that funding was the issue but he says there are measures that can be taken and have been done in other counties with buildings like this :

“Limerick county council have started CPO’ing houses or properties that they have put dereliction orders on and they have made 1.2 million recently by selling some of the properties that they CPO’ed so there’s a process that can be started and finished here and it would work really well for the people of Nenagh if the military barracks finally got an owner that was interested in it.”

He also want to see more CPOs on vacant buildings in the area.

Councillor Morris says that there is a house that has been on sale for 10 years in Nenagh that could make a great family home if the council would issue a CPO:

” In Abbey Villas in the centre of the town and it has the potential to be a 5 bedroom house. It’s supposed to be up for sale for the last 10 years or so but nothing has happened so you’d have to wonder if the person selling it was actually interested in selling it…

Again if the process was followed through the council could CPO it and sell it to someone that is interested in doing it up and turning it into a family for someone in the centre of Nenagh.”