Increase in far-right groups in Ireland a concern according to local humanitarian volunteer

‘Compassion Fatigue’ may be setting in with people with regard to the war in Ukraine.

That’s according to Clonmel man Andrew Laste, who has made a number of trips to Ukraine delivering aid and medical supplies.

Andrew is currently in Germany as he makes his way to Ukraine for another delivery and expects to reach the country on Friday.

Speaking to Tipp Today, Andrew spoke of some of the negative comments he has received lately on social media.

“You’ll have the pro-Russian trolls and it could be anything like pro-Russian slogans but we have the Irish element back home then as well who’ll say ‘what about our own’ and ‘what about this’ and ‘you’re a traitor to your country’ and all this kind of stuff.

“I just find it very strange that people back home have this mentality of ‘well we have to look after ourselves first’, there’s an element of truth to that but now it’s becoming very toxic on social media.

“There is an element of far-right groups now forming in Ireland and it’s actually quite worrying and quite frightening.”