Call for Jadotville soldiers to be honoured

Photo © Tipp FM

A local councillor says it’s “high time” the Irish government honours veteran soldiers.

Councillor Tony Black is calling for the members of the 35th Battalion of the Irish Army who fought in the siege of Jadotville in the Congo, to receive the medals they deserve.

The battle took place in 1961, where the Irish soldiers were heavily outnumbered but fought and survived the battle.

Upon return to Ireland, the soldiers, including Tipperary man Tom Gunn, were not commemorated for their efforts.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Councillor Black says this needs to be rectified.

“I just think it’s very important that these men are remembered properly.”

“What they did from a historical point of view was nothing short of courageous and unbelievable. Everything taken into account they should be recognised as the heroes that they are and I think it’s very important that the Irish government do this and as soon as possible.”