Lowry calls on Holohan & NPHET to explain “stubborn obstruction” to antigen testing

Stock photo: Pixabay.

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry says that NPHET and Dr Tony Holohan’s “stubborn obstruction” to the use of antigen testing must be questioned.

Speaking at the Oireachtas Transport Committee this afternoon, deputy Lowry called on the Chief Medical Officer to explain his and NPHET’s resistance to their use.

Public health officials have regularly cited the relatively lower efficacy of the tests as problematic for their use in larger groups.

Deputy Lowry has hit out however, saying they could allow for a more comprehensive reopening of public events:

“It’s a misnomer to say that the Government are opening up sporting, cultural and entertainment events. It’s simply not factual.

“The permitted numbers allowed into venues under the new protocols are so low as to be meaningless. It really is nonsensical.

“The administrators of these national organisations had no option but to go along with the proposals. But privately, I’m aware that they’re very critical of the arrangements.”