Locals encouraged to attend public meeting in Ballylooby

Photo from Google Maps

Plans to bring life back to the village of Ballylooby will be explored this evening at a public meeting.

A community council will be elected as part of efforts to restore some of the services lost to the south Tipp village over the years.

Local resident Lina Ryan has described Ballylooby as a village without a heart but says they’re determined to get that back.

She says there’s a lot of public support ahead of tonight’s meeting in the Community Hall which gets underway at 8.30.

“Its got people thinking about what we want our village to develop, what we want in it and how long it will take.”

“We have a lot of groups in the village and they’ve been talking about how we can coordinate something that will be a cohesive plan.”

“A lot of people have said that they might not be available for a committee but definitely available to work and then we have another cohort of people who are willing to do the committee kind of work so its up to the public meeting tonight to decide what they want.”