Local youth organisation aims to teach kids skills using unorthodox methods

A local youth organisation in Tipp aims to teach kids vital skills using some unorthodox methods.

Cloughjourdan Youth Circus appeals to children who are not interested in sports but still want to take part in some form of physical activity.

The group is the only one of its kind in Tipperary and the midlands area and can help children and young people with their mental wellbeing as well as their physical health.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Joanna Williams, artistic director of Cloughjordan Youth Circus says that the club wants to be an open and inclusive place for all:

“We’re supported by Arts Council, by the Irelands Fund, by Bank of Ireland Begin Together Fund so lots of different ways we get funding and the reason for that is to make these activities accessible and affordable for young people at the point of access.

“But we are also able to offer some bursaries to members…our big aim it so that finance is never a barrier to taking part.”