Local stroke survivor warns of the importance of time when experiencing symptoms

A local stroke survivor is warning others that time really is of the essence when it comes to symptoms.

Martin Quinn suffered a stroke in 2013 but waited a day before seeking assistance.

A recently published report by the Irish National Audit of Stroke highlighted that 51% of victims are not going to hospital within the all-important 3 hour period.

Speaking to Tipp FM News, Martin says it’s hugely important that everyone knows the symptoms:

“The F.A.S.T campaign which is launched by the Irish Heart Foundation really outlines the symptoms of stroke.

“F is for face. Has the face dropped on one side?

“A is for the arms. Can the person raise their arms?

“S for speech. Is their speech slurred or distorted?

“T is time to call. Telephone, that’s the important one is that people should ring straight away at the sign of any symptoms.”