“Local Property Tax is a Family Home Tax,” says Tipperary Sinn Féin

Tipperary Sinn Fein councillors speak out against the local property tax increase.

At this month’s meeting of the local authority, councillors voted to raise the local property tax by 10%, with 10 councillors opposing the increase.

The motion was carried and the increase in the LPT for family homes will be in place until 2024.

Two of those in attendance at the meeting and who voted against raising the LPT were Cllrs Davy Dunne and Tony Black.

In a joint statement, Tipperary’s Sinn Fein councillors Davy Dunne, Martin Browne, and Tony Black have all shown their strong opposition to the 10% increase in the local property tax.

Cllr Dunne told TippFM that he agrees with how the money is being spent but not how the funds are being raised.

“I see the merit in what they’re doing with the money. I believe the money is going to the right places. But the problem is where do you get the money from? With the current cost of living crisis, what we’re saying is the money should have been gotten from somewhere else. This bill could’ve been taken away from people and they would have certainty of their bills going forward.”

He believes the family home should be exempt from taxation.

“Our party was against the local property tax since day one because we believe that it’s a tax on a family home. It’s your family home. You don’t gain any profit from your family home, unless you’re renting a room in your family home, which very few people are. Some might with student accommodation. Other than that, there is no profit accrued from having your own house. We believe that it’s the wrong way of doing things, taxing a family home. We’ve no problem taxing properties, but not the family home. The family home should be exempt.”