Local man wants to thank Clonmel Good Samaritans

Photo © Tipp FM

A local man is looking for the “Good Samaritans” who came to his aid in a time of need.

Liam O’Dwyer is trying to track down the group of 7-8 people in Clonmel to thank them for their patience and selflessness after he had a fall and hurt himself last Wednesday on O’Connell St.

He recalled the event where a group of passers-by came to his aid and waited by his side to ensure his well-being, with one man going as far as to buy plasters for his wound and apply them for him.

He told Alison that this act of kindness from strangers surprised him, as he had noticed a change in people in recent times.

“I just could not get over it. When you see the way everything is gone in the world now, people haven’t time for anything, only themselves. That’s been proven as completely the opposite now. They couldn’t have been nicer. They kept talking to me. It was the shock as well as anything else, and for want of a better word, the shame. I didn’t know any of them . I can’t explain how I feel about these people. There are good people out there.”