Local hotelier says rural businesses victimised due to actions of urban hotels

A local hotelier says rural businesses are being victimised due to the actions of urban hotels.

John Nellan is the proprietor of the Hotel Minella in Clonmel and was reacting to the news that the VAT could be reintroduced if there is any evidence of price gouging by hotels.

He says that many of the groups or people behind the big hotels and chains in Dublin without what he calls; ‘social conscious’, are giving a bad name to local family run businesses.

While, he says that they have had to put up their prices by about 25-30% due to rising energy costs, he does think that operators who are pushing prices up just for profit should be penalized:

“those are the places that are giving every other family business a bad name.”

“they didn’t do anything for any people when the pandemic was there they just took all the money and left people high and dry.”