Local family ‘hoodwinked’ as new smart meter caused major bill increase

Stock photo © Pixabay

A local family says the installation of a new smart meter has caused them major bill increases despite installing solar panels.

Lorraine and John from Tipperary installed solar panels at a cost of around €8,000, and in the beginning they saw substantial savings on their electricity bills.

However, a new smart meter was later installed when they were instructed by the government that they had to.

Since then, any extra electricity the panels make goes back to the grid and they don’t get paid for it unless they use it while it’s coming in.

The couple have written to Ministers and local TD Mattie McGrath to find a solution.

They told Tipp Today that the government has failed to set up the system properly meaning they are now being penalized for having the panels:

“When the smart meter went in the bill was around 200 euro, I couldn’t understand it, I rang, your surplus is coming back to us she says but we’re not set up or we’ve no government approval to credit ye for this.”

John says they were ‘hoodwinked’ and told everyone in the area would be getting the meters however, it turned out they were the only ones in the estate.