Large packaging from Christmas can be dumped in Civic Amenity sites across Tipp

Recycling image by Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via

Civic Amenity sites across the county can be used to dump any large packaging from Christmas presents.

That’s the message from the Environment section of Tipperary county Council who have dry recyclable bags available for purchase in or to properly dispose of your waste.

There is also a service that will begin operating from tomorrow to allow for the free dumping of Christmas trees at selected locations in Tipp.

Orla Kelly from Environment and Climate Action section urged people to get rid of any rubbish in the right way:

“They can put them in the bag of dry recycling, that’s what it would be classed as.  It’s a euro per bag, and we have special bags that the council sell in rolls of five. It’s 1.50 for a roll of five and it’s one euro then when you present the bag full. That’s what we’d be encouraging people to do, to bring their dry recyclables and those bulky packages from toys, to our civic amenity sites.”