Lack of information blamed for failure of childcare plan

A Tipperary childcare provider says Government plans to facilitate childcare in healthcare workers homes was doomed to failure from the outset.

The Children’s Minister last night announced that the plan was cancelled as only six childcare providers signed up, out of a potential 5,000.

The scheme was due to commence next Monday but the government is now trying to come up with an alternative.

Darren Ryan from Clonmel Childcare says it was too big an ask to expect people to potentially put their health at risk.

“I think from the get go it was very much a non-runner – we as providers had little to no information on it.”

“And the real concerns, we are acutely aware of the strain and the stress that this is bringing on parents who are at home – you know acutely aware of it – but at the same time there is an obligation and a duty on us as employers to look after the health and safety of our staff that are being asked to go into peoples homes.”