Labour leader calls for a national aggressive suppression strategy to tackle Covid-19

Photo: Pete Linforth, Pixabay.

Suggestions by the Tánaiste that the introduction of mandatory quarantine would probably be for a year if the government chose to go down that route is leading to confusion according to the Labour leader.

Tipperary Deputy Alan Kelly says the comments by Leo Varadkar on television last night made no sense.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Deputy Kelly said with the right actions major inroads could be made in tackling Covid-19 in a much shorter timeframe.

“Three or four months would break the back of it. I don’t understand why he’s saying that.”

“I also don’t understand these issues in relation to (hotel) capacity (to deal with people quarantining). Obviously we’d have to have criteria – essential workers would have to go through a different system.”

“I really don’t understand where he was coming from last night but if we can go to the public and say we’re going to down the route of a suppression strategy to get it down to double digits then we’ll be able to open up to a level and manage it with testing and tracing combined with the fact that we’ll be rolling out the vaccine.”