Kelly says immediate Dáil recall needed to appoint new Ag Minister

Photo © Tipp FM

The Labour Party leader believes the Taoiseach has no choice but to recall the Dáil next week.

Tipperary deputy Alan Kelly has described as “beyond embarrassing” the controversy surrounding Wednesday night’s Oireachtas golf event, which has led to the resignation of Agriculture Minister Dara Calleary.

Mícheál Martin has taken over the reins at the Department until the Dáil is due to be recalled in mid September.

However, deputy Kelly says he’s told the Taoiseach that this arrangement is unworkable given current issues:

“He did not commit on recalling the Dáil, that’s his prerogative to make that decision. But I think the heat is so high that he won’t have any choice. The Dáil will have to sit next week. We will have to go through everything.

“I also think you can’t have the Taoiseach as Agriculture Minister for the next three-and-a-half weeks. We have outbreaks in meat factories across the country, we have issues here in our own county. And they’ll all have to be dealt with by a Minister who’ll be in the position into the future.”