Kelly accuses Fianna Fáil of returning to “cute hoor politics”

Photo © Dáil Éireann

Mícheál Martin has denied his party has returned to “cute hoor politics” after taking office again.

The accusation was made by the Labour leader Alan Kelly who said the new Taoiseach has had the shortest honeymoon period in history.

Mícheál Martin said he has been focused on policy and substance while also dealing with other issues in his party like Barry Cowen’s drink driving ban.

Labour leader Alan Kelly said there’s already a number of questions about the behaviour of Fianna Fáil ministers:

“Are Fianna Fáil public representatives above the law again? Above public health advice? You (Mícheál Martin) do come from old Fianna Fáil politics, but based on the Government’s first week, it hasn’t been a good week. I know internally you’d have to think that yourself because the modus operandi looks like it’s back to an old style of cute hoor politics.”