Job creation increases by 8% in Tipperary

Photo © Pixabay

Enterprise Ireland backed companies in Tipperary increased job creation by 8% last year.

In all over 19,000 new positions were created across Ireland by businesses supported by the agency during 2017.

5,907 people are employed in Enterprise Ireland supported companies in the Premier County – up from 5,469 at the start of 2017.

This marks an 8% increase in Tipperary for the Government agency responsible for developing Irish business globally.

A total of 19,300 new jobs were created by companies supported by Enterprise Ireland last year.

More than 209 thousand people are now employed in companies supported by the agency : which is the highest total employment achieved in the history of Enterprise Ireland.

This represents a net increase of 10,300 jobs for 2017, taking account of job losses.

Job creation was evenly spread across the country, with every county seeing increases. Nearly two thirds of the new jobs created were outside of Dublin.