Joan Burton’s cross-examination continues today

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Joan Burton’s cross-examination is continuing in the trial of seven men accused of falsely imprisoning her at a water charge protest in Dublin in 2014.

The former Tánaiste has now spent four days in the witness box.

Joan Burton became upset when footage was shown of her being moved from a Garda jeep to another vehicle during the Jobstown protest.

During the 18 second clip entitled “The moment Joan Burton makes a break for freedom”, a man can be heard shouting ‘shame on you Joan, shame on you … you’re a f**king disgrace’ as she’s being escorted through the crowd.

She said she found it “very distressing” and asked if she could watch it privately. The jury was then asked to leave the court room.

The video was introduced as part of Michael O’Higgins’ cross-examination – he’s defending Ken Purcell of Kiltalown Green in Tallaght.

On another clip from inside the jeep, she could be heard telling her adviser to go on social media to say it was shameful that little kids were there with nobody minding them.

She denied trying to paint a picture that this was an uncaring bunch of people.

Mr. Purcell is one of seven people who deny falsely imprisoning Deputy Burton and her adviser. Solidarity TD Paul Murphy is also among the accused.