Irish Water to go ahead with Shannon extraction

Irish Water have confirmed that they are to proceed with plans for the controversial Shannon pipeline.

The project will involve the abstraction of water from the Parteen Basin in Tipperary to supply the urgent need for water supplies in the Greater Dublin region, as well as areas in the Midlands.

Irish Water today published their Consultation Submissions Report on the Water Supply Project.

After an extensive consultation process, they have concluded that the Shannon pipeline is the preferred scheme.

They say it is the option which delivers the widest benefit to the greatest number of people, with the least environmental impact and in the most cost effective manner.

The scheme involves the abstraction of water from the lower River Shannon at the Parteen Basin in Tipperary, with water treatment nearby at Birdhill.

Treated water would then be piped 170km to a reservoir in South County Dublin, connecting into the Greater Dublin network.

Supplies of treated water would be made available to Midland communities along the route.

The 1.2 billion euro project has been heavily opposed by Tipperary farmers as they say the plans would ‘destroy’ their farms.

The project has also been criticised as 36% of water in Dublin leaks into the ground.

Irish Water say they are rolling out a comprehensive Leakage Reduction Programme to address this particular issue.

Irish Water’s planning application will be submitted to An Bord Pleanála in 2019.

Should planning permission be granted, construction and commissioning will take approximately three to four years.