Investment boost for Tipperary Crystal

Photo courtesy of Tipperary Crystal.

A private equity firm has taken a stake in the company that owns Tipperary Crystal, which is set to boost the business.

Allied Imports owns the Tipperary Crystal brand and Renatus Capital Partners have just invested in the group.

They have seen 25 percent growth a year over the past few years.

Managing Director Robbie Scanlan told Tipp Today that this investment brings with it an opportunity for growth.

“We’re looking for exponential growth, so we’re looking at quadrupling the size of the business and to do that, you’ve got to go into new markets – it’s as simple as that.

“It’s not complicated, but to do that, you need funding, you need to find new outlets and new places to retail the products.”

He added that the brand is very popular in Ireland and this investment brings the opportunity to bring the brand to an international stage.

While the Tipperary Crystal is still at the core of the business, they have also branched out and brought in other brands to expand their product range with jewellery, Christmas decorations, ceramics, candles and diffusers.