Investigations underway into theft of flags used during Pride in Tipperary

Photo courtesy of Tipperary Pride Facebook page

Investigations are underway into the theft of a number of flags which had been used as part of the Pride celebrations in Tipperary last weekend.

It left a sour taste to what had been a very successful weekend with around 100 people taking part in the parade as well as people enjoying the family fun day in the park.

However when the organisers went to take down decorations on Tuesday they discovered that around 20 Pride flags and 80 feet of bunting had been torn down.

Evelyn Roberts from the organising committee told Tipp Today that the incident shows why Pride is needed.

“You could actually clearly see that they were ripped down because the rings of the flags were still attached to the poles.

“This is a prime example of why people need to stand together and it’s a prime example of why Pride is needed because of the hatred that we endured.”