Ukraine mercy mission nearing an end for Clonmel couple

A Clonmel man says they are days away from getting his Father-in-Law to Ireland from Ukraine after a two year effort.

Andrew Laste and his Ukrainian wife Elena have been trying to get her father Victor, who has compromising health conditions, to Ireland but, the war has created more hurdles for the family.

However, Andrew told Tipp Today this morning that they were expecting to receive Victor along the Belarussian border around lunchtime.

He will then be brought to Ireland by the Air Corp before being taken into the care of TUH in Clonmel.

This is the second time that Andrew and Elena have travelled to the area since the war broke out and they have noticed significant changes.

There are tailbacks that can take people a number of days to get through to get into the Ukraine with cars effectively parked in queues.

Andrew says that most people are trying to return home but there are also large amounts of supplies on the way in.

“More people are trying to get in…About 37km long and this is just trying to get back in to Ukraine.”

“The amount of volunteers in and around the border has obviously dwindled quite a lot.”

“It’s increasingly difficult to get in and out of Ukraine unless you have…an organisation that you are affiliated with.”