Tipp people say housing Ukrainian refugees should not become a “them & us” situation

Photo © Pixabay

Local people feel the accommodation of Ukrainian people needs to be seen as a humanitarian response.

Over 9,000 offers of support have been registered on a portal for Ukrainian refugees, while the Government is looking at caravan parks, Air BnBs and to state owned buildings to house those arriving in Ireland.

These listeners told Tipp today that this should not be pitted against the Irish who are homeless as it is an unprecedented event.

They feel we need to ‘step up’ and play our part as a community.

One listener says ; ” This is purely humanitarian and I don’t think you can equate the building of houses for our own people with an unprecedented situation.”

While another hopes that it remains out of the political arena altogether: ” in order to prevent it from becoming political football is to use places like the likes of what they’re talking about at the moment… the likes of Mount Melleray and keep the politics out of it”.