O’Meara: Lack of transparency on refugee intake a concern

Borrisokane is a ‘jewel in the crown’ of how the intake of refugees should be handled, according to a local councillor.

Independent representative Michael O’Meara has been discussing what he sees as some key issues ahead of the local elections.

The Nenagh Municipal District Councillor says issues regarding refugees and the lack of transparency from the government is causing ‘fear and trepidation’ to grow.

80 refugees moved in to Borrisokane back in 2019 and speaking on Tipp Today earlier, Councillor O’Meara says that’s an example of how it should be done.

“When you look at those people that were brought in to Borrisokane, absolutely very much integrated into the local community.

“They are a part of the soccer team, athletics team, I see the kids going up and down to school there, they have their own little friends going to school and that.

“It’s a jewel in the crown of how it should be done but unfortunately the people in the country have no confidence in what’s happening at the moment and that’s the problem we have and it’s down to a lack of transparency.”