LIT lecturer says US unrest a major concern

Photo courtesy of Instagram

An LIT lecturer and former US Air Force pilot has compared the current situation in America as similar to Civil War times.

The comments come as US President Donald Trump threatens to deploy the military to quell unrest in cities across the country.

Disturbances sparked by the death of an unarmed black man – George Floyd – while in police custody in Minneapolis have continued for nearly a week now.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Bernie Goldbach said the normal division between Republicans and Democrats has taken turn for the worst.

“Now it’s very personified and maybe even now along racial lines which is, that is a very very dangerous tinder-box when you start breaking out people white & black, left & right and you know red & blue.”

“Really it’s as bad as what it might have been during the Civil War a time when I’ve only studied not really known personalities involved. It’s scary to be in some sense.”