Fears Royal heirloom may be gone to Tipperary landfill

Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla on her visit to Cahir's farmer market with Prince Charles. Photo © Tipp FM.

A brooch given to the Duchess of Cornwall by the Queen Mother was apparently lost during the Royal visit to Tipperary last week.

Prince Charles and Camilla were the centre of media attention last Friday when they toured Cahir and Cashel.

The British Embassy has been in touch with Cllr Andy Moloney asking for help in locating the large diamond encrusted brooch which is circled with emeralds.

Andy – who is involved with the local Tidy Towns group – says the Duchess is apparently very upset at the loss of the brooch.

“Yes, I’m very surprised she’s so het up about it but I think it’s more or less the sentimental value of the brooch than the cost of it.

“We’ve searched and I’m fearful that the minute the visit was over the council sweeper was in and I’m not so sure like when we’re looking for it here now whether we’re going to find it.

“It’s the council sweeper I’d say – gone to landfill – which would be their biggest problem.

There are fears the Rock of Cashel and Cahir Castle could be besieged by treasure hunters after news emerged that the priceless brooch has been lost.

Andy Moloney says while there’s been no official talk of a reward he’s sure if anyone found it they will be taken care of.

“Tis only the Embassy was on to us about it so I don’t know but look I’m sure if someone finds it there will be few bob somewhere along the line or maybe a tour of Buckingham Palace, you’d never know.

“But look we’re going to put a call out for whoever was here on the day to see if they saw it and the Tidy Towns will go out later on and we’ll give a look around as well but I wouldn’t be very hopeful.”