Call for show of solidarity with Ukraine on St Patricks Day

Photo from Pixabay

A South Tipperary priest is urging people to don the Ukrainian colours on St Patrick’s Day in a show of solidarity.

Fr Iggy O’Donovan believes that it is the one day when all eyes are on Ireland and Irish people all over the world.

He believes there is a unique opportunity to show support for Ukraine by wearing their colours, either along with or instead of the Irish flag.

The Fethard priest told Tipp Today that this could be a small, but bold and symbolic move.

“On the international stage, we play a fairly simple role, maybe not huge, but fairly big anyway, in places like America where our diaspora generally are, Australia and so forth, when we have the stage that we make a statement for Ukraine.

“Something non provocative, cheap, not costing anything to anybody, non-political in many ways, alongside the tricolour and maybe even in place of it, the Ukrainian blue and yellow be waved that day, throughout the world, by us Irish people.”

He added; “I felt that this gesture of flying the Ukrainian flag, beginning here in Ireland and throughout the Irish diaspora, it wouldn’t cost anything, it would be non-provocative, but I think it would be a great moral gesture to the Ukrainians and I think that’s important.”